Showerbase Refinishing

Replacing a Shower Base is not a fun job nor is it a cheap project. Shower Bases that have lost their shine, dingy, or damaged can be repaired and refinished in any color of your choice! Showerbase Refinishing is an instant way to spruce up your bathroom!

Fiberglass or acrylic shower bases with cracks, scratches or holes can be repaired prior to refinishing. After the repair on the shower base is performed, we will then apply our epoxy primer. The chemical heat created between the fiberglass or acrylic allows our acyrlicized Polyurethane to ‘melt’ to the existing finish. This bond allows us to guarantee our coating will not chip or peel from your shower pan. Hot and cold water splashed on the shower base will not affect your finish. This proprietary product and process is the best way to restore your home.

In addition, we can add our non-slip application to the floor of your base for an additional cost.  Contact us to get a free quote from your pictures!