Why Choose Us?

The key to beautiful and long lasting finishes is proper surface preparation, detailed technicians and superior quality materials. Cutting Edge Refinishing was founded on these principles, and because of that we consistently provide Chicago property owners with the highest quality and longest lasting surfaces in the area.

Quality Bathtub Refinishing Products

Due in large part to the popularity of our manufacturer’s revolutionary coating system, there are now several imitations available to other refinishers as well as homeowners. We have tried some of these products and found them to be inadequate for daily use. Though some look rather nice and may cost less, they chip very easily, thus making them useless in an active home. By contrast, our coatings produce a finish that can last for 15-20 years with proper care. When it comes to quality, we have no competition. Don't make a costly mistake, choose Cutting Edge Refinishing the first time so there won’t be a second time.  Contact us today, we can give you a quote via your pictures!