Care & Cleaning Of The Surface

Our state of the art refinishing technology is designed to give many years of use with a minimum cleaning effort.



This includes Ajax, Comet, Bar Keepers Friend and Soft Scrub. These will eventually scratch off the shine from your new surface.

You may use any liquid or aerosol bathroom cleaner. For example: Dow Bathroom cleaner, Lysol, Scrubbing bubbles or Simple Green.

Please note: leaving shampoo bottles, bath mats, bars of soap and other things on a bathtub surface is a bad idea (whether refinished or not). Over time this will ruin your bathtub surface (whether refinished or not). I recommend using a shower caddy or shelf.

Please do not leave objects on the refinished surface; it will be easier to take care of and will not grow bacteria and fungus.

This Warranty includes the following: Blistering, Peeling, Cracking, caused by defect in the product or workmanship will be covered under the terms of the warranty.

  • 5 Year warranty for owner occupied properties
  • 3 Year warranty for rental properties

This warranty does NOT cover any chips in the coating caused by accidental damage.

Warranty will be voided for the following:

  • Water leaks are not fixed immediately
  • Dogs/cats animals can not be washed in the bathtub
  • No suction mats or any mats can be used
  • No metal kids toys
  • No hair dye
  • No masking or painters tape on the bathtub