Cultured Marble Refinishing

Is your bathtub or vanity made of cultured marble? Cultured Marble Refinishing is a process that can make dated colors, swirls, cracks and scratches all disappear. Cutting Edge cultured marble refinishing process will save you up to 75% over the cost of removal and replacement, and typically takes just one day.

Cutting Edge’s bonding agent assures you that the new surface will stick for many years to come. Many of our competitors will not offer cultured marble refinishing.  Cutting Edge can guarantee your refinished cultured marble finish because of our proprietary bonding agent, MM-4.

Our process works equally well on cultured marble vanities and sinks allowing you to complete a bathroom makeover by refinishing your bathtub, surround, vanity and sink. To bring your bathroom back to the 21st century, give Cutting Edge a call

Looking for a Chicago Cultured Marble Refinishing expert? Contact Cutting Edge Refinishing for all your Tub, Tile, and cultured marble refinishing needs.  We can give you a free quote from your pictures!