Jacuzzi Tub Refinishing

We can restore a Whirpool or Jacuzzi tub to like new condition by refinishing. Acrylic Whirpool Refinishing is an inexpensive process we use in restoring your acrylic bathtubs that are dull, chipped, cracked, dated or damaged to like new condition. Acrylic bathtubs are made by vacuum- molding sheets of acrylic and then reinforcing it with fiberglass. That's why acrylic bathtubs are less expensive than cast iron tubs. They are also light weight and can be easily repaired and refinished with little effort. Because of their synthetic nature, acrylic bathtubs hold the heat well and keep the water warm long. They also come in variety of colors and styles.

Acrylic bathtub refinishing is less expensive than replacement. It should be noted that acrylic tubs are installed during framing. After the walls and door are completed, it makes it much harder and therefore more expensive to replace the tub than to refinish it. Cracks, chips and even door holes can be repaired before the tub is refinished. Because the surface restoration is done in the bathroom in a day, homeowners, apartment owners, hotels and housing agencies can save up to 80% of the cost of tub replacement. Give us a call for you Jacuzzi Refinishing.

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